The Sagamore Community

Forms required prior to construction

Application for new home construction will be reviewed by the Sagamore Architectural Review Board (ARB) to protect the integrity of this exclusive Jack Nicklaus designed residential community. With that in mind, architectural standards, materials of construction and finished product should be consistent with the finest homes in the area to differentiate the community as the crown jewel of Noblesville. There is a desire and expectation to approve plans and finished products that are at or above the midpoint of existing inventory within the Sagamore development.  If you have not yet done so, please review the Architectural Standards set forth in the Sagamore Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (Section X) and the Architectural Guidelines set forth by the ARB.
ARB Review - Submission Fee           
      $850..New Home Construction
Deposits Required         
      $5,000..Contractor Compliance
Escrow may be required         
      $10,000..discretionary Escrow requirement
No plans will be reviewed before this New Home Design Review form is received from an Approved Builder with the associated submission fee.
The Deposits are required prior to issuance of the Building Permit.
Fees & deposits should be submitted to Sagamore HOA and sent to Four Seasons Property Management, PO Box 498, Fishers, IN 46038
The NAME field (below) is for the Project Name.
Please REMOVE YOUR NAME and enter the following information:
Lot#, Street Address - Builder
(e.g. Lot #213, 16502 Grand Cypress Dr. - McKenzie)
Please do NOT leave it with just your name
New Home Design Review
The email should be for the Primary Contact on this Project
Owner Contact Details
Owner Details are required. If there is no Owner, specify "Spec Home"
General Contractor/Builder Contact Details
Architect/Designer Contact Details
Proposed Timing
Interior Floor Surface Area
Exterior Surface Area
Project Plans - Required as Attachments Before a Sagamore Permit to Build can be Issued
Project Exterior Specifications - Required as attachment(s)
The project specifications sheet must include:
Shingles… Trim… Fascia…
Brick… Stone… Stucco…. Siding…
Front Door… Windows... Shutters…
Detail the Manufacturer, Type and Color of each material used. If standard colors are not used, samples must be submitted.
Exterior Finishes and Landscaping Plan Submission
Colors for exterior finishes must be submitted and approved by the ARB within 45 days of project start.
Landscaping plan submitted and approved by the ARB within 90 days of project start.
Submission Fees and Deposits
No plans will be reviewed by the Sagamore Architectural Review Board until the $850 submission is received.
No Sagamore Permit to Build will be issued before the $5,000 contractor compliance and the $5,000 landscape deposits have been received.
Fees and deposits should be submitted to "Sagamore HOA"
and sent to: Four Seasons Property Management, PO Box 498, Fishers, IN 46038
ATTACHMENTS: Please upload pertinent documents.
Once you receive an email confirming this application, you can Click on the "View Request" link to attach additional files.
Submitting this form verifies the accuracy of the information therein.
Any material misstatement may result in withholding the Contractor Compliance deposit.
Submission Checklist!!
Please verify that you have replaced the Name Field (first field above) with PROJECT NAME, as specified above.
Optional Attachment
Maximum File Sizes: 4 MB each
Maximum Image Dimensions: 4100px